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[Humbledown highlights] VLAN tag stripping in Virtualbox (actually, Intel NICs et al.)

This is historical material from my old site, but as I have just bumped into a page that linked to it, I thought I would republish it. I have not verified that this material is still accurate. Feel free to post an update as a comment and I'll publish it. VLAN tag stripping in Virtualbox (actually, Intel NICs et al.) Mon Jan 17 21:41:46 NZDT 2011 VirtualBox, VLAN, Networking, Linux, Mac OS X, Teaching, Study Short version: When using VirtualBox “Internal Network” adaptors for VLAN environments, don't use the ”Intel PRO/1000” family of adaptors, which are the default for some operating system types. Instead, use the either the Paravirtualised adaptor (which would require your guest to have Xen’s virtio drivers, or “AMD PCNet” family of adaptors.
This is because the “Intel PRO/1000” family of adaptors strip the VLAN tags: this is not a problem specific to Virtualbox: it occurs also in other virtualisation products and also on native systems; although you hear about it more often in…